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Feb 6, 2019

In this episode, we’re going to walk you through the single-most-effective way to consistently raise money and even extrapolate how much money you’re going to raise. This approach has raised more money than all of our other methods and that’s why we saved this one for last. Let’s get started!


⭐ During this episode, we detail these takeaways:

 1. Crowdfunding advertising, compared with other forms of marketing, is unusually steady in raising pledges, and typically raises higher pledge totals than any other method.

 2. Start advertising on Facebook through desktop news-feed ads (optimized for clicks but billed for impressions) and then possibly expand to other social-media platforms.

 3. In choosing audiences to test, consider lookalike audiences of people who have backed similar crowdfunding campaigns, which tend to perform best.

 4. For each audience targeted, try to maximize click-through rates by testing a variety of different image-and-text combinations (excluding images that look too obviously like ads while possibly including creator images) that will both attract viewers’ attention and arouse their curiosity, not to sell your project on their own but to draw traffic to your campaign page.

 5. Start advertising by testing your most highly-targeted audiences to determine their profitability, then expand your ads targeting as long as it remains profitable, and continue running ads (while slowly scaling-up spending on them) as long as they remain profitable, realizing that their ROI will diminish over time on Facebook.

 6. Use custom links plus analytics (like CTRs and EPVs) to calculate profitability accurately, rather than speculating, while considering the fact that ads typically yield more pledges than those that are directly trackable to them.

 7. It can help to outsource your campaign marketing to a crowdfunding agency, since agencies typically enjoy skilled labor plus a variety of backer lookalike audiences—but you should verify their claims to have worked on various campaigns, and hire only one agency at a time to avoid them hurting each other’s success.

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