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Apr 17, 2019

In this episode, we are continuing our “Life After Crowdfunding” series by discussing how to make big money on Amazon by optimizing your listings. Let’s jump right in…


⭐ During this episode, we detail these takeaways:

 1. Amazon listing titles should include the brand, the model, its attributes, and its benefits, while incorporating appropriate keywords for SEO determined through research.

 2. Amazon listing bullet-points should each introduce a single concept in ALL CAPS and then detail that concept in a paragraph that both sells and aids SEO, providing information that’s thorough enough that potential customers don’t need to look elsewhere for it.

 3. Amazon sellers should register for a U. S. trademark so that they can register their brand with Amazon, which will enable them to control how distributors present their product, and also to enhance their own listing with branded content.

 4. Amazon listings should incorporate “enhanced branded content,” which should typically include a main high-resolution “hero” image on a white background, plus seven additional images showing its size and/or usage (including “lifestyle” shots), along with a pitch video.

 5. Amazon sellers should actively solicit (but not incentivize) reviews from crowdfunding backers and/or Amazon customers, which will boost sales while identifying problems.

 6. Amazon listings should generally render it as easy as possible for customers to buy.

 7. In optimizing your Amazon listing, you should focus firstly on maximizing its conversion rates so that it sells as effectively as possible, secondly on maximizing its SEO to attract “organic” traffic as effectively as possible, and thirdly on perfecting your marketing (which we may present in a future episode) to attract referral traffic as effectively as possible.

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