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Mar 20, 2019

In this episode, we learn from Stoicism! Let’s get started…


⭐ During this episode, we detail these takeaways:

 1. We can live more happily by gleaning time-tested truths from great philosophers, including the Stoics, whose beliefs about pursuing happiness through virtue originated in ancient Greece, thrived in classical Rome, and continue to attract some modern adherents worldwide.

 2. We should nurture gratitude for what we already have (whether time or things), and cheerfully use it well, while actively curbing our potentially-limitless desires for more, lest we allow our avarice to spiral out-of-control.

 3. We should not worry obsessively about what we cannot control (like our past or our reputation or our mortality), but humbly accept it while instead focusing our attention on what we can control (like our present or our character or our time-usage).

 4. Our thoughts help shape our outcomes, and our decisions determine our destiny; we should not mindlessly react to our circumstances as they arise but instead proactively “seize the day,” “live in the moment,” question our desires to reject any unworthy ones, focus our attention not on our difficulties but on the opportunities that accompany them, exercise our imagination to rehearse success rather than failure, and plan our future (including by preparing for misfortunes).

 5. We generally know what we ought to do but we sometimes procrastinate committing ourselves to it fully; instead, we should immediately demand the best of ourselves and then exert our willpower and minds to become our best selves, which may require sacrifice.

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