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Mar 13, 2019

In this episode, we’re talking about one of Zach’s most favorite things: the #1 reason why your life “sucks” right now—and what you can do about it! Let’s get started…


⭐ During this episode, we detail these takeaways:

 1. Reality is objective, but perspective is subjective and may depend upon our frame-of-reference, and so our reference-points influence our perceptions, which influence our happiness.

 2. Many qualities like wealth or achievement are relative across time-and-space.

 3. Whenever we evaluate ourselves or evaluate others or compare ourselves with others, we should remember that each individual characteristic is merely a tiny part of a complex whole, that each of us usually succeeds better in some ways than in others, and that we don’t normally perceive the entire truth about anyone.

 4. “The grass is always greener where it’s watered,” so we should strive to nurture good desires and thoughts, acknowledge opportunity and find hope in it, and persistently learn-and-improve toward our potential, while remembering that some successes may require substantial sacrifices.

 5. Whenever we obtain unnecessary material possessions that we want, we then “need” to spend more on maintenance, we tend to grow accustomed to them and may even take them for granted, we may easily want more, and such desires can potentially spiral out-of-control unless we actively curb them while nurturing gratitude instead—but genuine happiness is found not in stuff but in intangible things like self-improvement and experience and service, which reminds us that we’re not the only people with problems.

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