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Jan 30, 2019

In this episode, we’ve got a very special guest for you. She’s directly responsible for raising millions of dollars for thousands of campaigns leveraging the power of earned media and the press!


⭐ During this episode, we detail these takeaways:

 1. Public relations is best started as soon as possible in order to allow as much time as possible to cultivate vital relationships, but it’s never too late for PR to accomplish some good.

 2. It’s helpful (but not essential) to send prototypes or samples to reviewers, especially when such product reviews are arranged in advance during a campaign’s pre-launch phase.

 3. Crowdfunding PR (unlike traditional PR) should focus more on short-term fundraising than on long-term positive exposure, which may mean targeting sources that enjoy less prominence but better conversion rates, such as product directories.

 4. Crowdfunding PR should involve compiling a list of hundreds of news outlets that serve one’s target market, identifying only one reporter (at a time) to contact at each outlet, pitching to those reporters via e-mail (ideally on Friday mornings but neither Mondays nor holidays), and finally following-up persistently with any reporters who haven’t yet responded.

 5. Each such pitch to a newscaster should include a title that will easily stand out among hundreds of others, present content that is brief, “snappy,” entertaining, informative, and highly-customized toward the writing style of each news source, along with the interests of its audience, and also include a link to whichever campaign page is being promoted.

 6. It’s easier for popular well-funded campaigns to get featured, especially those with newsworthy elements—and getting featured in one news source (whether big or small) renders it easier to get featured in additional news sources.

 7. Public relations is both hectic and “hit-or-miss,” and sometimes rather slow to yield results, but it can potentially raise tens-of-thousands of dollars for the right campaigns.

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