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Get Funded Today: The Funded Today Podcast

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Dec 5, 2018

In this episode, we’re taking a deeper dive into presentation. Ever wondered how to design the perfect page? Want to know the best way to structure your rewards for your campaign? Want to know the perfect number of rewards you should offer? If so, this master class is for you!


⭐ During this episode, we detail these takeaways:

 1. It can help to imitate successful campaign presentations, but don’t presume that the most-funded campaigns must also have the most effective pitches, because such campaign media may be redesigned mid-campaign (and not always wisely), and also because total funds raised depends upon more factors than presentation alone.

 2. Discussing your project with real people long before you launch your campaign can help you to develop a sense of how to most effectively pitch your product to potential backers.

 3. Your campaign page’s sales pitch should load quickly to avoid losing viewers, start powerfully to persuade viewers that it’ll be worth their time to continue reading and/or skimming further, and then continue in a manner that’s easy for viewers (including non-native English speakers) to both navigate and understand, spurning needless complexity and/or marketing hype to embrace both short sentences and plain language.

 4. You should customize your pitch to likely backers through persuasive copywriting (which is more vital than good visuals) that focuses primarily upon the benefits that you’re offering viewers, and secondarily upon other factors like costs and/or your team.

 5. As a startup, focus on basics like both traffic and conversions, and on presenting your team as likable and competent and trustworthy, but don’t worry about your company’s branding until it’s much further developed.

 6. After your campaign launches, test everything about your design (as best as you can) and alter it as needed in response to data rather than speculation.

 7. Your campaign marketing exists to bring traffic to your campaign page, and your campaign media exists to convert traffic into backers, but neither is as important as your product-and-price.

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