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Nov 26, 2018

In this episode, you might feel like you’re back in business school! We’re going to talk about a matrix—“The Crowdfunding Success Matrix.” What do black holes, shooting stars, and supernovas have to do with crowdfunding?


⭐ During this episode, we detail these takeaways:

 1. Earnings-per-visitor (EPV) is a more useful metric than conversion rates, including in comparing the utility of differently-priced products/services.

 2. Poor sales may indicate a problem with either low conversion rates (due to a product/service and/or its presentation) or low click-through rates (due to its marketing), and it’s important to correctly identify the extent to which each factor needs to be remedied.

 3. Entrepreneurs should address low conversions before low traffic or else their balance sheet may needlessly resemble a figurative “black hole,” wasting money to draw traffic that doesn’t convert well enough.

 4. Good products/services sell even better through good marketing, and crowdfunding campaigns that involve both of these may be likened to “supernovas.”

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